Our Services

Programmes are listed as they are seen at the time of listing them.  If you have cause for complaint, which we hope not, then please contact us as soon as possible, so we can arrange to correct the problem, where possible, to your satisfaction.

All programmes purchased will have an invoice sent to you within 24 hours of the time you make your purchase.  As you can appreciate all programmes are weighted differently, so it is not possible to allow an automatic invoicing at present

Postage will be 1st class, in a stiffened envelope, and all items posted have proof of posting obtained when handed over to the post office

Postage and packing covers the cost of the packaging and the 1st class rate on the day, based on the weight of the item(s) posted.  

2nd class is also available if you request this.  

Parcel post will also be available, if and when this works out cheaper for you, the customer.

For international customers, all items will be packaged as we do, for UK based customers, and will be at the prevailing air mail weight.  Proof of posting is also obtained as well as a customs and excise label being produced.

Payment can be made via paypal, or we can accept personal cheques, postal orders or cash (senders risk).

If you are in the East Sussex area you can always call and collect